Website Depot Announces New Sponsorship With Jonah's Hands

​​​​​​​​​​​Website Depot Inc. has announced a new partnership. The Los Angeles digital marketing agency will serve as a sponsor for famed crochet prodigy, Jonah's Hands.

The sponsorship will cover web services, advertising, and influencer content that will benefit the two companies.

Jonah's Hands, LLC was started by young crochet prodigy Jonah Larson, who began crocheting at the age of five. He is self-taught and learned the craft by watching YouTube videos. At the age of 11, he became an internet sensation with his handmade creations and tutorials he shared with the world. He quickly caught the attention of social media outlets and currently has over 233 thousand subscribers on Instagram alone. Today, Jonah's Hands, LLC is a growing web authority by teaching crochet, giving tutorials, and posting his crocheted items, often of his own intricate designs.

The Larson family has committed to giving back to organizations such as Roots Ethiopia. Jonah is passionate about helping children and families from the village he was adopted from in Ethiopia. As of today, Jonah has raised over $35,000 by selling his coveted crochet items and through donations from celebrities, organizations and the general public. Jonah has already built a library for their small school and is currently building them a science lab. He desperately wants these children, who would have been his peers, to have educational opportunities.

After taking notice of Jonah's meteoric rise online, Website Depot was put in touch with the Larsons and the two parties quickly became acquainted. Soon after, they realized they have a shared vision of giving back to others.

As Jonah continued crocheting his way into the hearts and minds of millions, it wasn't feasible for him to dedicate all of his time to crocheting. After all, school and family are his main priorities. Jonah's mother, Jennifer, took charge of the business aspects by founding Jonah's Hands, LLC, an online store dedicated to the art of Jonah's crochet. This would allow Jonah to focus his time on school while continuing to share his art with the world.

"We really couldn't be more excited about sponsoring this talented child who has a promising company and a generous heart to go with it," said Danny Star, CEO of Website Depot, "I feel like we are both growing companies that are accomplished in our respective fields. This gives our new sponsorship a mutual boost."

Website Depot is a Boutique Web Agency located in the Atwater Village Neighborhood of Los Angeles. For over 8 years, they have worked with clients toward reaching their goals in the digital marketing realm.

By working in partnership with Jonah's Hands, LLC, the agency hopes to build a portfolio of contributors who support worthy causes and who want to expand their social media influencer department.  

For more information on the new sponsorship, or to make a media inquiry, contact Website Depot 3402 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90039, (213) 332-9255.

Source: Website Depot Inc.