SEO Academy to Hold Ribbon Cutting Event in Silver Lake to Commemorate Launch of Online Courses

SEO Academy is a new entity put together in partnership with Websites Depot Inc. and other digital marketing experts.

SEO Academy has announced that they will be holding a ribbon-cutting event on May 9 in Silver Lake in Los Angeles to commemorate the launch of their 14 online courses. Members of the public and local business owners are invited to take part in the event, which will serve complimentary wine, beer and fine cheese.

Attendees can expect to be introduced to the diverse curriculum offered in the online courses, along with informal talks and a Q&A with the team that developed the program.  Attendees can register for the event by RSVP under the "Event" section on the SEO Academy website. 

SEO Academy has previously served the Los Angeles business community with weekly and monthly day-long classes at their Silver Lake location, which is shared with Digital Marketing Agency Websites Depot. Previous attendees came into the conference area of the agency to learn marketing techniques in person. Now, the curriculum is available worldwide, online and on-demand.   

The new course offerings are spearheaded by Websites Depot CEO Danny Star, who collaborated in creating a full curriculum of courses with other digital marketing gurus.  

"It's gonna be a launch party for those courses, where we invite participants to our official red ribbon event," said founder Danny Star. "The initial courses are going to introduce you to the ins and outs about digital marketing, which entails defining the terms so that people understand... If you come to the event, every course will be 50% off for you to try it out."

As a regular rate, each course is made available for an entire month for $99. However $299 gives students access to all of the courses for the entire month. Courses cover a wide array of topics, from SEO, design, paid campaigns, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, reputation management, and other key foundations of digital marketing.   

"Someone who takes all of those 14 courses, it can double their paycheck within a matter of months; that's how much value these courses bring," said Star. He said that during the process of curating the curriculum, he established partnerships with specialized course developers. "From web development, programming, designing, branding, PR, we have a strategy behind the courses -- when we recognize talented individuals, we give them an opportunity to co-create these courses in which we share revenues with the course creators." 

To make a media inquiry, contact SEO Academy at 4325 W. Sunset Blvd. #204, Los Angeles, CA, 90029, (877) 503-8231.

Source: SEO Academy


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