Rising Speed Limits Linked to Increase in Car Accident Fatalities: LA Injury Group

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The LA Injury Group, a personal injury law firm with extensive LA car accident case experience, said it has found a higher danger linked to new speed limit laws. The car accident attorney group cites a recent study showing that speed limit increases have corresponded to a higher number of fatalities all over the United States, including in California.

A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stipulates that the rise of speed limits over the last quarter century has led to thousands of deaths. The study also claims that it has led to 1,900 deaths in just 2017.

In the last 25 years, the maximum speed limit in the state of California has risen from 65 to 70. According to the study, a five miles per hour increase in the maximum speed limit correlates to an 8% increase in the fatality rate.

"When you're in a hurry, it’s natural to want to drive the speed limit or even a bit over, just so you can get where you’re going on time. However, that can put you, everyone in your car, and those around you in quite a bit of danger. As speed limits rise, so too does the danger on the road. As a law firm that has helped clients with many car accident cases, we entreat drivers to drive the speed limit or just below whenever possible," said Benjamin Charchian of LA Injury Group.

LA injury attorneys from the law firm have also represented clients in wrongful death cases, motorcycle accident cases, and others with their in-house wrongful death attorney, personal injury attorney in house teams.

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