Personal Injury Attorney Belal Hamideh Tracks Down Local Homeless Man to Deliver Case Award

The award-winning personal injury attorney went to great lengths to track down his client.

Belal Hamideh, noted Long Beach accident attorney, was recently involved in a very unique case that in turn brought some much-needed relief to a homeless person he represented. The case involved a Long Beach man who was struck by a car exiting a parking lot while he was riding his bike.

The man, who was 32 at the time of the accident, sustained orthopedic injuries that required ongoing chiropractic treatment. After receiving a final settlement offer, Mr. Hamideh’s office attempted to relay the offer to their client. Subsequently, the client couldn't be found after numerous attempts to contact him.

It's important to us that our client was able to get his medical treatment and receive compensation at a time he really needed it.

Belal Hamideh, Personal Injury Attorney

"It was a small case, but we went to great lengths to find him. I know many others who would have dropped the client. It was a minor claim but we really wanted to see it come to fruition -- we didn't want to give up," said Hamideh.

Hamideh and his team researched police reports and even hired a private investigator. They discovered that the man had become homeless.

"We were able to locate him at another phone number, and we found out that he was at a shelter," said Hamideh, "It's important to us that our client was able to get his medical treatment and receive compensation at a time he really needed it."

When they finally spoke to the man at a homeless shelter in Long Beach, they informed him of the money he was being awarded. Although the settlement was not a high number, the amount was nonetheless enough to lift the man out of the situation he was in.   

"We're hopeful that the money will be helpful to get him out of the shelter and to kickstart his life again," added Hamideh.

The man in question was a Spanish speaker, whom Belal often represents in reaching settlements or in trials. Such cases as this one have earned him a stellar reputation among peers in the legal community, and he has received recognition such as "Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyers" and as the "10 Best Attorney for Client Satisfaction" by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys

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Source: Belal Hamideh Law


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