LA-Based Town Moving Expands Coverage Area to Orange County

Moving Company Los Angeles

Los Angeles Moving Company Town Moving has announced that they will expand their moving services to Orange County. Although the company has ventured into the OC community for various moves in the past, it will now employ a dedicated standby team to dispatch to jobs in a more efficient and readily-available fashion.  

Now readily-equipped with movers in Orange County and an expanded fleet of trucks, each capable of hauling up to 26,000 pounds in gross weight, the company is prepared to make its presence in an area that is often busy and in need of moving service professionals. According to representatives of the company, the expansion should make way for better margins for Orange County jobs due to more appointments being ready-available for booking. For example, in the past, moves were booked but were subject to the whims of availability in the Los Angeles region. The expansion will allow the team to take on a more full calendar of moves servicing Orange County as its focal point.    

In addition to having full dispatch capabilities in Orange County, Town Moving is also announcing that it can handle moves from Los Angeles to San Diego, or San Diego to Los Angeles.

In joining moving companies in Orange County and competing among them, Town Moving is positioned well with a plethora of moving equipment and licensed staff with experience in doing large-scale local residential moves, moves as far as San Francisco, and local office moves in Los Angeles. Each move is put together according to specifics set forth by clients.

​​For more information, or to make a media inquiry, contact Town Moving 1762 Tamarind Ave. #308, Los Angeles, CA 90028. (323) 600-5786.

Source: Town Moving


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