Full Tilt Team Holds Outdoors Team Building Activities in Spring and Summer

FullTilt Team Development, a company that hosts corporate team building events throughout North America, announced that all of their upcoming events will create philanthropic opportunities for each participating company.

Their mission started with a simple idea — to host corporate team building and leadership training events that always give back. While corporations and businesses around the country spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to help train and educate their employees, FullTilt decided to give a portion of every team building event or leadership training contract to those who need it most. FullTilt accomplishes this by donating 3 percent of every contract to a charity of the client’s choice or to one of FullTilt’s partner charities.

Along with this meaningful donation included with every event, FullTilt also hosts numerous philanthropic activities. For example, “Wheelchairs for Charity,” a popular team building activity hosted by FullTilt, has enabled companies to donate hundreds of wheelchairs to disabled veterans and other charities serving individuals with disabilities. This particular event challenges corporate team members to work through a series of competitions that include wheelchair assembly. At the completion of the event, a member of the corporation’s chosen charity will attend and receive the wheelchair donation. Disabled Veterans of America, one of our partnering charities, accepted over 100 wheelchairs from this activity last year alone.

Other popular team charity events hosted by FullTilt include putting together military care kits, canned goods donations, and charitable bike builds. Like Wheelchairs for Charity, these events are done in a unique and creative way that brings teams closer together while benefiting the community.

While many groups may still be looking for team training events that do not provide a philanthropic emphasis, FullTilt has hosted hundreds of successful events that satisfy both team building and leadership training while still giving back. For more information regarding Team Building, Leadership Training, Or Corporate Adventures that always give back, go to www.FullTiltTeams.com.

Source: Full Tilt Team