Edwards Mediation Academy Launches Affiliate Program for In-Person Mediation Training

The online course provider announces that it will begin to implement face-to-face training with its current coursework

​Online course provider Edwards Mediation Academy has announced that it is launching an affiliate program that will allow organizations to combine its online course curriculum with in-person training. Adding face-to-face training allows students to both localize the training and practice the technical skills they have learned in online mediation training.

Since 2015, Edwards Mediation Academy (EMA) has provided individuals from all career paths with a robust and intuitive online training program from the country’s leading professional mediators. This new affiliate program will add a new layer to the mediation courses by giving organizations the tools to engage in dispute resolution, as well as continue to provide a resource for mediators around the world.

"Any organization that wishes to develop or augment its own mediation-training program with the expertise and knowledge of Edwards Mediation Academy instructors can seek to become an affiliate," said Susan Edwards, co-founder of Edwards Mediation Academy. “Mediation and conflict management is often employed behind closed doors and the opportunity to practice the skills before use is crucial.”

EMA is currently working with an affiliate partner in Rwanda, helping to build mediation capacity in that country. The local EMA trainer/facilitator meets with students after they have taken a few modules to localize the training and practice in simulated exercises. After completion of the Mediation Skills course, the students have a one-day face-to-face with Bruce Edwards and receive their certificates of completion. Currently, EMA’s affiliate is working with the Rwanda Bar Association and with the Judiciary.  

Affiliate programs are underway in other countries. EMA looks to partner with affiliates in other fields that benefit from improving mediation skills and techniques. These include the government and non-profit sectors, business, medical organizations, legal organizations and educational institutions.  

According to co-founder Bruce Edwards, “The genesis of the affiliate program was a moment during our Mediation Competency training at Stanford Medical Center when the head of nursing commented in class -- ‘I wish every one of my nursing staff could take this course. Is there any way you could combine this with online instruction so I can share this learning during my monthly staff trainings?’ Training the trainers to maximize the reach of these important lessons soon evolved into the next generation of EMA instruction."

For more information on the new program or to make a media inquiry, please contact Susan Edwards at Susan@EdwardsMediationAcademy or call (877) 927-1362.

Source: Edwards Mediation Academy