Celebrity Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser Upgrades L.A. Office With New Digital Imaging and Laser Equipment

​Dr. Mobasser's newly-acquired digital equipment will be less invasive and expose patients to minimal radiation.

​​Dr. Anthony Mobasser has been the dentist to the stars for decades, building a loyal client base dating back to when his practice first opened in 1980. Since then, Mobasser has continuously evolved his Sunset Boulevard office, equipping it with the latest and most advanced dental technology.

Recently, Mobasser has upgraded his office with new digital imaging and laser technology. One technological marvel is the new Carivu device, manufactured by Pennsylvania-based imaging company Dexis.  The new space-age equipment will allow for improved diagnosis and planning planning for Mobasser's core procedures:  dental and full mouth reconstructions and veneers.  

I've seen some of my patients come back after 28 years, and the veneers I've done still look great on them.

Anthony Mobasser, Celebrity Dentist

"All my office is digitally equipped with the latest technology. Patients are
less exposed to radiation, and time saving technology to determine the correct diagnosis and mode of treatment" said Mobasser. Digital
imaging, he said, is something he utilizes in lieu of X-rays as part of initial consultations with patients.

The CariVu is a transillumination imaging device that hugs the patient's teeth and provides a view through the teeth using infrared light. It is described as an "alternative diagnostic" method for those who are uncomfortable with having X-rays taken. The device is excellent at imaging areas of tooth decay and caries, and spares the patient from radiation in doing so.

Mobasser believes that the least invasive dentistry treatment and preservation of tooth structure has the longest-lasting benefits for patients. His full dental reconstructions and customized cosmetic dentistry procedures are performed with the underlying notion that success is not only measured in how good the smile looks when the patient leaves the office, but how long the work endures.

"Dental bonding is less invasive than porcelain veneers and veneers are less invasive that placing a dental crown" Mobasser said, "More conservative dentistry lasts longer--- we call it the preservation of enamel. Enamel is irreplaceable and unfortunately once the protective layer of the tooth is gone, it will not grow. Preventative care and the knowledge of the dentist to implement preservation is of utmost importance. The more healthy enamel is preserved and the less the dentin is exposed, the longer you will have your teeth for the rest of your life. Due to our dietary habits acid erosion from acidic foods, drinks, and systemic conditions, the acidity can cause demineralization of tooth structure, and can cause erosion of the tooth concurrent with root caries, sensitivity, and damage to surrounding gums and the bone. That causes irreversible damage,"

Utilizing the preservation of tooth structure as much as possible have rewarded patients in keeping their teeth for the rest of their life and looking awesome.

"I've seen some of my patients come back after 28 years, and the veneers that I have placed after 28 years still are functioning and looking great.

Laser procedures a viable treatment for patients who are experiencing tooth decay, gum disease, or need teeth whitening. The use of lasers, a method Mobasser is increasingly using, makes for less pain, less soft tissue damage and the elimination of dental drills that often make patients uneasy.

For tooth decay and erosion, Mobasser specializes in custom veneers, which often use custom-shaped porcelain coating to re-shape damaged teeth. He has performed over 10,000 such treatments since he's been in practice. He employs a special 'internal layering porcelain' technique that looks true to life and lasts many, many years.

He attributes the careful crafting of custom teeth structure and using the right type of porcelain and other materials in restoring damaged teeth. Many people think about dental visits as a grinding chore, but Mobasser's effort in exuding comfort and minimal pain is one of the primary reasons many celebrities have sought him out. Many of Hollywood's leading artists go to Mobasser as the artist of choice for their customized smile.

Paula Abdul, Tyler Perry, Shemar Moore and ex-NFL star Laveranues Coles are just a few of his high-profile clientèle.  Mobasser was recently featured in a widely-publicized piece in UK's The Guardian publication.  In the article, he was the primary source for an in-depth look into the magnified scrutiny and
responsibility that comes with treating famous people. The article came on the heels of Prince's untimely death, and highlighted the dilemmas some doctors face when celebrities seek them out for drugs. Mobasser spoke of the virtues of keeping cool and sticking to your training to deliver in an ethical and effective way.

But not all of Mobasser's patients have syndicated sitcoms or stars on the Walk of Fame, but all of his patients have bright, shining, celebrity smiles. 

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