Air Pro Master Commits to Helping Make Vegas Greener

Air Pro Master, a Las Vegas air conditioning service, will replace the entire condenser on Amana air conditioning units if the compressor breaks down specifically in units that have been redesigned to accommodate the refrigerant R-410A. That is a chlorine-free refrigerant, meant to replace the refrigerant R-22. R-22 will no longer be manufactured or legally imported into the United States after Jan. 1, 2020.

The EPA has decided to discontinue R-22 in part due to its levels of chlorine. Scientists have proven that chlorine damages the ozone layer so R-22 will be phased out. R-22 depleted the ozone less than refrigerants R-11 and R-12 did, and they were phased out years ago. Since then, R-22 has long been considered to be the standard residential air conditioner refrigerant. 

410 Amana AC units are built to integrate R-410A. Air Pro Master has offered, should these Amana units cease successful operation, to replace not only the motor (also commonly called the “compressor”) but the entire condenser as well. This is just one kind of air conditioner system that Air Pro Master offers to commercial and residential clients. 

“Everyone’s trying to be more green, and we’re no exception. R-22 is being phased out and for good reason: that chlorine is hurting the environment. So, R-410A can help give people the AC they want while also making sure that the environment stays cooler, too. By replacing the condenser should something go wrong with your 410A Amana AC unit, it’s one more way that we can help the environment and our customers,” said Sales Manager Ed Barrera of Air Pro Master.

Air Pro Master has provided heating and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas for many years. Additionally, they offer plumbing repair to the Vegas area, too. In each of their businesses, they work with their clients to ensure that they provide a quality service while also tending to the environment as well.

For more information about R-22, air conditioning maintenance, or to make a press inquiry, contact Air Pro Master, 2139 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV 891092 or call (702) 965-5622 or visit their site

Source: Air Pro Master


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